Director’s Club

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Producing young leaders and outstanding Canadian citizens in New Brunswick is no small challenge.

By becoming a member of the NB Provincial Committee Director’s Club, you will be at the centre of positive change – fostering the same leadership qualities that have always made the Air Cadet program great.

The Director’s Club is about building Legacies!

Legacies for our youth. Legacies for our local programs. Legacies for leaders like you.

Continue the strong tradition of giving back to our youth. Your commitment will be commemorated in perpetuity as a key contributor to our future success. Like those before us, we invite you to play a part in ensuring that our valuable contribution in New Brunswick will succeed and prosper in the coming years.

It takes resources, vision and leadership! For over 75 years, we have been fortunate to have pioneers and leaders who capture the vision and took on the challenge to build the Air Cadet program – supporting thousands of New Brunswick youth who have participated in our program.

The time is now to create new visions and to attract the leaders who will help build the program for the future.

The Director’s Club has been established to help build and shape the future of our local Air Cadet program and our provincial committee.

As leaders, we are focusing on continued initiatives to support young people and our organization.

Director’s Club Member Packages

Choose from one of 4 unique packages that are most suitable for your legacy goals.

1st TierFlight Crew$500(or $100 per year commitment for 5 years)
2nd TierFlight Engineer$1000(or $200 per year commitment for 5 years)
3rd TierFlying Officer$1500(or $300 per year commitment for 5 years)
4th TierSquadron Leader$2000(or $400 per year commitment for 5 years)
*Note: additional tiers could be added later to coincide with specific fundraising campaigns or goals.

Each member level comes with special recognition on our provincial League website that will commemorate your contribution and solidify your legacy as a valued Director’s Club member.

Whatever membership level you choose, you will know that your contribution helps to create future leaders that will take centre stage building our country…an awesome legacy we can all be proud of!


In the words of our Chairperson, “as a member of the NB Directors Club, you will be confirming your commitment to the Air Cadet Program and future Air Cadets. We know the program helps our youth grow as leaders, not just in NB, but also in Canada and the world. I urge you to take the opportunity to be part of the future of NB Air Cadets and to help us pass the torch of leadership to future generations.”

If you’re ready to Join the Director’s Club, complete this simple Registration Form, and then the on-line Donation Form!

The registration will inform our coordinator that you are making the 5-year commitment (for those donors who wish to donate over a 5-year period to reach their desired Director’s Club tier). You will receive a reminder email approximately one year after your initial Donation and each year thereafter until your commitment is complete.

We will contact you directly to review your membership plan and help you start your legacy!

For additional details or to discuss a Director’s Club membership package that is right for you, please contact our Director’s Club Coordinator, Chuck Nicolle at .

*Note: The NBPC Director’s Club is an initiative of the Air Cadet League of Canada (New Brunswick) Inc. and operates under the charitable designation number 838690428 RR 0001. Receipts will be issued by on behalf of the NB Provincial Committee as per Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) guidelines.